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Solo Ads and Ezines

  Solo ads are the #1 way to promote any website online

 and  EZINES are a perfect place for solo ads.

Let’s look at EZINES in this post.


But first, just to be sure we’re on the same page…..

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What is a solo ad and how can you begin to use this powerful technique today?

With solo ads, YOUR message is sent by email to a mailing list of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

YOUR message to the entire list. Awesome!

And you KNOW in advance they are interested in what you offer! Your message stands alone, so the name "solo".


There are only TWO ways to make that happen.

                  1. Pay a solo-ad marketer that has a big list to send your message.

                       (This is a PPC method, or pay-per-click).

                  2. Buy a solo ad from an EZINE publisher.

You may already be familiar with the PPC method and I’ll post more on that method later.  Today, however, let’s look at EZINES and solo ads.

The second method (ezine publisher) was new to me until I discovered the Directory of Ezines and figured out how to run a Solo Ad using an Ezine.  Now this is something you can do.

And if you are a member of the Directory of Ezines, finding an ezine that will work for you and your offer is even easier.  Just log in, search for ezines in your category that sell solo ads and find the one that fits your budget.



Worried about cost? Don't be!  How about YOUR ad going to 15,000 to 50,000 readers for less than $100?  And some EZINE SOLOS are cheaper than that. And some publishers offer members of the Directory of Ezines even MORE of a discount?

That would be a cost-effective way to get your message out. 

Here’s how it works…

  • You find an EZINE that’s aligned with your offer
  • You verify the cost of a solo ad with the publisher
  • you submit your solo ad to the publisher
  • the publisher emails your solo to ALL of the subscribers
  • a percentage of subscribers will open the email
  • a percentage of those that opened the email will click on your offer
  • those clicking on your offer are added to your list
  • you build a relationship with your list by providing value


Let’s run some number assuming the ezine that you choose has 15,000 subscribers.   If only 10% of the ezine subscribers opened the email, that would be 1500 views.  Then if 10% of the viewers clicked on your ad that would be 150 new subscribers to your list.  The cost per subscriber would be $0.67.   You can try other scenarios.  Try starting with a larger subscriber list, and vary the open rates and click rates. 


Try Google search for “solo ads + EZINE”…….you’ll get something like this

If you want to save time and find proven lists -- and get great discounts too -- you should consider becoming a member of the Directory of Ezines.  Solo mailings are very powerful. And you could be using this powerful technique right now.