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Procrastinators Get A Lot Done

I wrote an article about procrastination almost 5, 6, or 7 years ago.

I came to the conclusion that procrastinators get a lot done.

Only problem is they don't get the right thing done.


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Imagine you make a list of five or six things that you need to get done today.  Usually procrastinators put the most important at the top of the list.  Usually, not always but often enough, the most important thing is the most difficult or the least appealing thing you want to do. It may be out of your comfort zone so you put it off and put it off.

And while procrastinators are putting it off and putting it off, they're doing the second thing on the list, the third, maybe number even number seven. Procrastinators are actually getting a lot done. It‘s just that they aren't getting done what they thought was the most important thing.

So, it's probably true that procrastinators get a lot done.  It’s just that they don't get the right things done

Look at writing a blog post for example. When you're just starting out your kind of tongue-tied and don't know what to write about ...what to say you put it off and put it off and then you go and do something else instead writing. You watch TV,  listen to the radio, or do other things except what's most important to make your business successful.  After all, you don’t have a boss to report to, you’re working for yourself.

By the way, if writing a blog post is the most important thing you need to do today and you're uncomfortable or inexperienced doing it you just need to start doing it.  Don't worry about being articulate or using proper grammar or creating a work of art.  Just start writing and eventually it'll become something that's very comfortable for you and then when it's on the top of the list of things to do it'll be easy to do and you'll do it!   and, look for a new post on curation!

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