Open Shot Video Tool

13 Intermediate

Open Shot is the free video editing tool which is very similar to Camtasia.  This course will cover the installation and use of Open Shot so that the user can employ Open Shot to create and edit video for use in affiliate marketing campaigns.

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Creating and Adding watermarks with Open Shot

Learn how to protect your video content with watermarks.  Use Open Shot and Photopea to create watermarks and add them to your videos.

Creating a Video Title in Open Shot

Learn how to create Title Pages for your videos using the free tools Open Shot and Photopea

Replacing an existing title page with Open Shot

Learn how to remove existing title pages from a video using Open Shot

Installing Open Shot

Instructions on how to install the Free Video Editing software, Open Shot

Tour the Open Shot User Interface

Familiarize yourself with the Open Shot User Interface 

Importing files into Open Shot Projects

Eplains how to import files into the Open Shot Project area

Adding clips to the Open Shot timeline

What's the most efficient way to add clips to the Open Shot time line

Tour of the Open Shot Timeline

Let's take a look at the Open Shot timeline so we'll know all the details

Customizing the Open Shot View Ports or Windows

How to customize the viewports in Open Shot

Keyboard short-cuts in Open Shot

What are the most used keyboard shortcuts in Open Shot

Adding Transitions in Open Shot

Transitions are a key ingredient in successful videos.  Learn how to add effective transitions in Open Shot

Creating the Video in Open Shot

Now that we have all the parts assembled, it's time to create the video......Let's see how

Producing or Exporting Your Video

Here is the lesson that explains how to produce your video for posting on youtube, and other video sites..