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How to embed video in your email

embed video in emails

For anyone doing email marketing, embedding video in your emails is an important tool to learn.  A large percentage of businesses use video as part of their marketing strategy.  Two years ago it was 63%; in 2019 87% of businesses are embedding video as a component of their marketing.  For email marketing, you might find that your subscribers prefer watching a short video rather than reading thru an email.

But wait…….do the major email providers like gmail and yahoo allow embedded videos?  Think of the bandwidth issues.  It’s easy to understand why they wouldn’t want the emails they are sending around full of bandwidth-choking videos.  So, what’s an email marketer to do?

Lucky for us there are workarounds.  You can either embed a GIF of your video with a “call-to-action” to click to watch the full video, or you can place a still photo of your video with a “play button” that takes the reader to the video URL.

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