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Bloggers and Affiliate Programs

What are the Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers? Complete Guide

What are the Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers? 

Today the blogger is likely looking for ways to make money online, and affiliate programs for bloggers are a great way to accomplish that.

If you have some writing skills and a desire to make money working online, then this article is definitely for you.

Landing Pages for WordPress

The first step is to decide that the purpose of your blog is to make money, and not necessarily to create a literary masterpiece.   Create a blog that will be seen and read by many active consumers is the end game.

Connecting to people with the internet is both easy and difficult, and will require that you find ways to stand out. SEO and social media will help. Time is also a factor, so be prepared to be a consistent Blogger for a period of time while your blog engages with Google search crawlers.


Two things to keep in mind.  1) The number of visitors to the site will be large only if  the topic of the blog is attractive to a large group; and 2) the topic of the blog and the products being offered for sale should be (must be) congruent.  Don’t write a blog about stamp collecting and expect to sell hair care products.

Also remember there is a a great deal of competition in the virtual world, so you will need to “stand out”. One way to do that is by using multi-media (video, audio, images).   Making YouTube videos is a great solution that is both cheap and easy.

Quality is important. Although you don’t have to be an expert on a topic, you will want to provide information that is helpful to the reader.  Consider curation as a tool that will serve you well in finding and presenting quality information.

Don’t be discouraged.  Results take time and if you are frustrated after a week of  blogging with no apparent results, you may not be a candidate for the long haul.  Consistency and persistence are the watchwords of the successful blogger.

Affiliate programs are well suited for bloggers.  Many affiliate programs will provide tools for selling such as banner ads, swipe files for emails, even videos.  These are invaluable tools for the blogger that doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel.   A way to reach people online and to make money is to research the best affiliate programs for bloggers.

Get to Know Affiliate Marketing

So what exactly is affiliate marketing?

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is using your blog to sell a product or a brand, then being compensated by the company or creator of the product or brand. Compensation usually is a percentage of the revenue the company has earned through your website.

Here a just a few examples of affiliate programs.

AWIN Global Affiliate Marketing Network has 30,000 brands on its networks and has an impressive array of global merchants, including Groupon, Marks and Spencer, Etsy, Trip Advisor, Air New Zealand, and Disney Movie Club.

Every day, roughly 260 affiliates join the award-winning AWIN, which earned over $650 million last year.

Shareasale, which has been in business for twenty years, is quite open to new bloggers, so for many neophytes, this program is excellent.

Easy approval means that you will be able to start using it quickly and of course, that means you will be making money quickly. Because they accept new bloggers, they actively seek to develop business through an extensive marketing network.  There are over 2500 affiliate marketing programs from which to choose and to earn commissions.

Want to sell physical products?   Check out SaleHoo.  You’ll have access to:  *8,000 VERIFIED wholesalers, drop-shippers, liquidators and manufacturers;  *suppliers that sell EVERY PRODUCT imaginable; * NO MINIMUM ORDERS; *a Research Lab that tracks which products are HOT SELLERS; * REAL support staff to help you find the right supplier for your business.

FlexOffers  is associated with 12000 affiliate programs, and is constantly expanding and gaining a fine reputation as a reputable company.  FlexOffers offers multiple marketing options, such as cost per lead, cost per sale, cost per action, and cost per click products.

Ultimate Bundles bundles of all sorts of books and courses that highly discounted, sometimes even up to 95%.

How can a new blogger actually make money online? Of course, content is king, but that alone might not bring the readers to your page. Traffic is an important ingredient. Stay in touch as we will discuss traffic in future posts.