Affiliate Programs for New Marketers - affiliate marketing essentials

Affiliate Programs for New Marketers

affiliate marketing programs for new marketers

Take a look at these affiliate programs for new Marketers to earn commissions in 2019 and beyond.  There’s about 15 programs in total.  This first post will highlight the first five.

1. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate networks and is a beginner friendly affiliate network.

The ShareAsale platform currently has access to nearly 3900 merchants and over 1000 of them are exclusive to ShareASale.

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ShareASale has been in business for 18 years.  You can work with ShareASale to make money online as an affiliate.  Check out this Affiliate Programs for New Marketer.

In the list of products they show information helpful for selecting which one(s) to work with.  Included for each product are stats like earnings per click, average sale, and average commission.

To help with your marketing, they include sales materials like banners and text links.

You can find out more and sign up at this link


2. Commission Junction

Commission Junction offers a wide range of products to promote and give you access to a ton of tools ranging from dashboards, charts, graphs, metrics and so on to increase your sales.

Commission Junction has many big websites tied in to them so you have many choices of well-known products to choose from.  You would be able to choose from many different niches to work in.

You’ll need to be approved to promote affiliate offers but should take a short time for that.

Commission Junction also provides promotional material you can use in your marketing once you have selected a niche and product. 

Check out Commission Junction here.

3. Rakuten Affiliate Network

Here’s another affiliate network that I learned about recently, called the Rakuten affiliate network.  It’s one of the oldest affiliate partner networks around.

It’s very easy to join and use this affiliate marketing network where you can find and promote wide range of products using key metrics for the month, top advertisers, trailing 30 day commission trend along with payment information of the products you promote.

Rakuten affiliate marketing network has largest collection of products you can choose to promote which are ranging from fashion to gifts to lifestyle to marketing related products

They provide marketing material including rotating banners .

Go here to check it out and register.

4. ClickBank

Most marketers, even most new ones, have heard of Clickbank.  It’s one of my favorite affiliate marketing sites.  The Clickbank enterprise pays out millions of dollars its affiliate marketers every single year.

From entertainment to parenting to self-help to sports and travel, ClickBank offers you the a ton of best affiliate programs that offer you high paying commissions.  I believe all of the products are digital so there’s no inventory to mess with.

Clickbank has been around for over 17 years.  It is one of the best Affiliate Programs for New Marketers.  With over 200 million customers, you can sell the product listed in their marketplace to customers the world over.  Commissions range up to a whopping 75% with many products having upsells and recurring sales.

I like the fact that Clickbank handles all the money end of the sales.  Customers purchase a product and Clickbank manages the payment, the commission to the affiliate, as well as any product returns.

If you want to look at Clickbank, check out this link.

5. AdWork Media

AdWork Media is a global performance marketing network that provides content monetization tools for publishers & developers. Their global reach, proprietary platform, and knowledgeable support team creates a unique experience for publishers and advertisers.

This is one of the best CPA affiliate marketing networks.  CPA stands for Cost Per Action, which means you get paid whenever a customer or potential customer performs an action like clicking a link, watching a sales video, or purchasing a product.  The great thing about using AdWork Media is it offers a wide range of monetization tools such as Content Locker, Product Locker, Offer Wall etc., to help you easily make money from your website traffic.

AdWork Media uses a number of payment methods including: Check, Wire, PayPal, Payoneer, AlertPay/Payza, Western Union, ACH (Direct Deposit).  This range of payment methods makes it easy for customers to make their purchases no matter where in the world they are located.

How to create a free affiliate publisher account with AdWork Media?  Check out this link.

You can view this and other posts at this link.

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