Affiliate Programs for New Marketers – 3 - affiliate marketing essentials

Affiliate Programs for New Marketers – 3

affiliate marketing programs for new marketers

Here are the final five affiliate programs for beginners that you might be interested in.  Also, be sure to read the closing remarks.

11. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the #1 online platform that provides access to products from more than 2 million sellers. It’s easy and free to join.  You could be up and running today.  There is just one approval needed to complete your application.  You don’t need approvals from the third-party advertisers. 

You can choose from over a million products to advertise to your customers.  Best to find a niche that you’re excited about and stick with it.  Develop a unique approach to advertising your niche and you should have great success.

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Whether you are a large network, a content website, or a blogger, Amazon has simple linking tools that will make advertising a breeze and will help you monetize your website.

To learn more about Amazon affiliate program, click here.


12. Avangate

Avangate sells software.  The company was started almost 15 years ago in 2006.  Avangate became a leader in digital commerce with an international market.  About six years ago Avangate was acquired by Francisco Partners, a private equity firm.  In 2017 Avangate acquired 2Checkout which focuses on payment processes for the internet.  This association broadened the reach of Avangate.  Avangate Affiliate Network now powers modern digital commerce for global businesses in almost every market.

Avangate is the #1 software affiliate network that offers 22,000+ software products.

if you are a publisher and want to have a steady revenue flow based on multiple partnerships with merchants who match your niche or business, Avangate Affiliate Network will provide you with out of the box tools to increase your referral-based revenue

Avangate is the only dedicated network where you can find a ton of software products you can promote as an affiliate.

You can join the program at this link

13. Clickbooth

Whether you are an email marketer, affiliate manager or blogger who is searching for a performance based CPA network, Clickbooth can be a great affiliate platform for you.

Clickbooth uses a Cost-Per-Action CPA model to help you generate more money for every lead you generate.

Learn more about this affiliate opportunity at this company website.  And register as a Clickbooth affiliate here.

14. has a diverse selection of offers in many different vertical markets including international offers.  As an affiliate, you will be able to find high-converting offers that you can promote.

Learn more about at this link.  And register as an affiliate here.


Join the affiliate program and promote high-performing health, beauty and fitness offers with the leading health affiliate network.

To view their website follow this link.  Join their affiliate network here.

The success of your affiliate marketing efforts depend on...

1) the products you promote.  The products should be high-quality and you should have a real interest in them.  Promoting a product just because it pays high commissions will not lead to success.  If you promote products that you don’t “connect” with eventually you will lose interest and your business will fail.  On the other hand, if you promote products you “believe in”, you will be able to maintain a level of enthusiasm that will carry your business to success.

2) the product promotion.  Your promotional efforts will need to stand out from the competition.  Remember you won’t be the only one promoting products in whatever niched you choose.  You will need to stand out.  Check out what your competition is doing and do better. 

3)  honesty and quality.  Remember your customers rely on you for honesty and quality.  If you deliver both, then you are on your way to success.  

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