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Need to Change a Color?

Did you ever have an image that you wanted to use on your blog or website, but it wasn’t big enough? 

instant eyedropper color edit tool

You couldn't just stretch it because it would blur.  So you added a background to extend the image to the proper size. 

instant eyedropper color edit tool

But now the background color and the original image color don’t match at all. 

Using a tool like “instant eye dropper”, can easily solve the problem.

instant eyedropper color edit tool

The instant eye dropper is a free tool that will report the color at any location on your computer screen.  In the example above we want the blue background to match the dark color in the original image.

The instant eye dropper reports the HEX color as #050505.  Then we only need to change the blue color to the desired dark color with whatever image editing tool we are using (here it is Powerpoint).

instant eyedropper color edit tool

The color is reported in HEX, and usually that’s enough for the graphic application to match the color.  You can always use a color code converter like this one to change from HEX to RGB or RGB to HEX.

Take a look at this website which gives some instructions on how to use the instant eyedropper tool and a link for downloading.