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YouTube Quick Start

YouTube Quick Start Guide

Table of Contents (follow the links)


Tip #1:  Have a Clear Vision

Tip #2: Create an Attention-Grabbing Description

Tip #3:  Optimize Everything

Tip #4:  Commit to A Schedule

Tip #5:  Vary But Stay Focused

Tip #6:  Understand Your Audience

Tip #7:  Know Your Competition

Tip #8:  Learn from Your Favorite Channels

Tip #9:  Create An Interesting Thumbnail

Tip #10:  Brand Logos and Art

Tip #11:  Sign Up for G-Suite

Final Words



One of the best things you can do to expand your business is to start a YouTube channel. It’s the most popular video-streaming service boasting massive online traffic, and constant streaming services – and ultimately, it will maximize exposure and help your brand become recognized within your market.

And it’s the second most-visited website on the Internet with nearly 2 billion monthly users logging on to watch videos every day.


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