March 16, 2020 - affiliate marketing essentials

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Affiliate Links and Advertising

advertising and affiliate marketing

There are several ways to approach advertising your affiliate link.

1. Start a blog and write about the product, including your link. Be sure to follow SEO suggestions from Yoast (free plugin for WordPRess). Try a video too.

2. Use Google Ads to promote your product. You’ll need to write a brief ad to be included. You can limit the daily amount you spend for these ads.

3. Join a safelist and promote your affiliate there. See this post about the best safelists.

4. Use solo ads. You can find solo ads at For about $50 you can get a few hundred clicks on your affiliate link

5. Use YouTube to promote your affiliate product. Create a short (or long) video about the product explaining why it’s so great. You can use your cell phone to capture the video.  Here are some YouTube tips.

Here’s a link to a really nice blog post by Adam Enfroy. Great Post Adam!

Look! — New Landing Pages for Aweber

aweber landing page

Did you know now there are New Landing Pages for Aweber?

We all know Aweber.  They've been providing autoresponder services forever.  Recently they introduced Landing Pages.  Way to go Aweber!

There are a limited number of templates right now, but I expect Aweber will be adding more soon.  Here's a sample...

aweber landing page

Tools for Editing

There are tools for editing everything on the Aweber Landing Page.  Including the image (although there are some really nice images), the text and the color schemes.

Here's a glimpse at the sidebar tools.

aweber landing page tools
aweber landing page tools

Landing Pages are Linked to Your List

When you select an Aweber Landing Page, it is automatically associated with the Aweber List you want leads directed to.  What could be easier?  A single click copies the URL.  You'll want to insert the Landing Page URL in a sales letter to attract new leads to your offer.  

View Landing Page on Mobile and Desktop

It's important to have any content that you generate compatible with both Mobile and Desktop views.  With the Aweber Landing Page tool, you can view your Landing Page in a Mobile view as well as a Desktop view.  That way you can be sure your leads will see everything you want them to.

If you aren't an Aweber user yet, try them out.  Here's a link to the main Aweber site.