email marketing

10 tips for email marketing

1. Know your niche - decide what product you will promote. Research the product including personal testing.

2. If affiliate marketing - check with the company for marketing resources. Some affiliate programs will include “swipe” emails that you can modify and use in your email marketing campaigns.

3. Your List - Your autoresponder will store your list. Keep growing your list with new prospects. Trim your list of inactive subscribers.

4. Follow-up Messages - create a dozen or so follow-up messages. These will be sent automatically to new subscribers over time. Set the delivery interval in your autoresponder. Generally, one message per day with some gaps over the two week period.

5. Broadcast Messages - create a group of messages that will be sent out to your entire list (not just new subscribers) over a period of time. Use the calendar in your autoresponder to schedule delivery dates and times.

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6. Create a Landing Page that will promote your offer and encourage new subscribers to your list.

7. Facebook Group - consider creating a FB group with links to your marketing material. Invite your subscribers to join the facebook group.

8. Deliver Value not Sales Pitches - Don’t continually try to “sell” to your subscribers. Offer tips and tools, e-books, product reviews and comparisons. Your subscribers will be more interested in receiving something of value. After a relationship is established, the subscriber will be more likely to push the button and make a purchase.

9. Your List - continue to grow your list with new subscribers.

10. Send a Thank You to your subscribers along with gifts like free e-books and links to courses.